I recently bought some e-books from Amazon which I am enjoying on my Mac.  I bought them for the Cloud Reader.  My wife enjoys her Amazon e-books on her laptop PC, also from the Cloud Reader.   Before you buy an e-book, check the box to specify where you want it downloaded and don’t worry about the hardware.  And happy reading!

About J T Weaver

The author of "Uphill Both Ways," a thought provoking series of stories about life, family, and growing up.
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11 Responses to E-Books

  1. That’s the beauty of ebooks, eh?


    • J T Weaver says:

      And the puzzlement. It’s so new that people don’t know how to work it yet. I learn new stuff about it every day, mostly from others with more experience. I thought that trying to educate people about the ease with which they could buy a book would help every author.


  2. Lois says:

    I’m a bit dim when it comes to technology, please could you explain again – can people without Kindles and e-readers download books? I’ve published e-books and some people haven’t been able to read them because they don’t have a Kindle.
    By the way, I live in Uphill!


  3. epsnider says:

    Reblogged this on Why Me and commented:
    I wrote a review on Amazon for ” Uphill both Ways.” I think it takes a day or two to show up. I plan to mention your wonderful book on my face book page. If your Uphill both Ways is registered on Good Reads I will be happy to rate it and if i can figure how to review it on that site I will be happy to do so. I would appreciate any mentioning, rating or reviewing of “Why Me” where you feel it is appropriate or warranted. Keep on Writing.


    • J T Weaver says:

      I would be happy to. I haven’t figured out Good Reads yet. It’s a complete mystery to me although I seem to be a member somehow. I don’t do much on Facebook anymore although my own posts show up there automatically for some reason. I’ll put “Why Me” on my list of reads. Thanks for the review, it was very nice of you. I really appreciate it.


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