That was some, er, feet — Guest Post

That was some, er, feet

By Terri S. Vanech

There’s an old saw that says you should walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, but you couldn’t have gotten very far in mine today.

I took a quick break in the middle of the day to swing by the high school and drop off Catherine’s Epi-Pen and inhaler.  She tagged along, eager to peek at the freshmen there for orientation and see what else might be going on in advance of tomorrow’s First Day of School.

We were quite a way down the sidewalk that runs along the front of the school, chatting about this and that, when I looked down and saw this:feet

I will never know how I managed to leave the house this way, drive all the way across town and walk a good distance before noticing.

I’d been wondering why my gait felt so funny!

And although I immediately burst into wave after wave of giggles and guffaws, Catherine was mortified.

It seems I am the most embarrassing mother on the planet.

She actually asked me to go barefoot rather than risk someone seeing her mother unevenly shod. She offered to give me her flip-flops and go barefoot herself.

I assured her no one would notice, but I confess it took several minutes before I could compose myself enough to speak to others.  Tears ran down my face.  My sides ached.  I realize this called more attention than the mismatched shoes ever could.

“Look,” I said, “the nurse’s office is right by the front door.  We don’t have to go far, and no one will be looking at my feet.”

“I can’t believe you DID this mom,” she said.

Like I purposely wanted to try one flip-flop and one slip-on sandal at the same time.

(Truthfully, the whole scenario gave me more than a bit of pause.  Am I losing my mind after all not to notice these two different shoes?  Do I need a spa vacation or trip to the sanitarium?)

We arrived as the freshmen were passing to another class in their shortened day.  Catherine ducked her head and all but used both hands to push me toward the main office.

There, I thought I could safely hand the meds through the nurse’s window, but alas, I was invited inside to sit a spell while they checked the forms and expiration dates, asked about Catherine’s summer, etc.

I fervently tried to tuck my feet beneath the chair, but that didn’t solve the fact that I had to walk IN and OUT of the office.  Catherine is convinced the three nurses had a good laugh as soon as we shut the door.  (I’m happy to spread joy whenever I can.)

Of course, I was thinking “blog” the whole time; a former journalist knows a good story, after all.  So when we got outside, I stopped to snap the above picture.

I thought Catherine might have apoplexy.

“MOMMMMM!” she hissed.  “You couldn’t wait to do that?!”

And then she marched toward the car, keeping me several yards behind her, and acted like she didn’t know me.

I don’t understand why.


I’m Terri S. Vanech, wife, mother, reunited adoptee, and former longtime journalist now working as a communications specialist, and Jazzercise instructor.  Pushing on a Rope is my attempt to make sense of all the craziness life has to offer. Here in midlife, I’m finally learning to live out loud. I hope you’ll share the journey with me

About J T Weaver

The author of "Uphill Both Ways," a thought provoking series of stories about life, family, and growing up.
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19 Responses to That was some, er, feet — Guest Post

  1. Chatty Owl says:

    Its difficult enough to walk in our own shoes….


  2. JayNine says:

    JT, I am really loving all of the comments and conversations this post has brought on, as I am sure you do as well! Great Stuff ;D


  3. Frances D says:

    I did one blue one black of the same style shoe all day once – didn’t notice until I went to take them off at the end of the day. Then there was the outfit that was totally splattered with dirty water from a puddle drive by only on the back, so again I did not notice it till I took it off at the end of the day. But both of those are small compared to the white capris I wore with the racy lacy undies – I didn’t notice they showed through till I caught a side view of myself in a full length department store mirror. **sigh


  4. I did the same thing with tennis shoes way back when my kids were in middle & high school. Left work early, rushed home, packed up some chairs and a cooler, changed clothes and jumped in the car to drive 1 1/2 hours to my son’s all-star baseball game. Got to the game, unpacked the chairs, got out the cooler, sat down and propped my feet up on the cooler and there they were…one Adidas and one Nike! They won the game! Everyone told me it was my lucky shoes and to wear them to every game….I did NOT!
    It’s so funny the things we do! I love to laugh when I think back on it and I thank you for sharing your story so I know I’m not the only one!!!!


  5. I had blisters from not paying attention to my footwear! I went out in a pair of sandals I usually wear around the house. They are comfy indoors, but I did a lot of walking that day!
    Anyway, the main purpose of mothers is to embarrass their offspring! 😉 Sue


  6. JayNine says:

    OHH MY SIDES HURT!!! I just so would do the SAME Thing!! Just got released from a hospital stay and my neighbour couldnt help but ask if i was “going to pick up my daughter from daycare IN THAT?” I had an old blue sundress on and goofy pj bottoms with BLUE! raised up around my knees, like capris right!?;) And I said “yes, I Match?!! Whats wrong with this?”!! and off I went … Clearly the fact that i am walking like an 80 yr old doesnt help because of the lying in bed for days…? Happy Days 😉 Thank YOU for the Gutt-Bursting Laughter as I leaned against the wall so i didnt fall over!!


  7. Thanks again for letting me visit you here!


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