The Buck

I’m beginning to think that perhaps my front porch is not a very good place for me.  It is my porch and I like being out there, but …

Last night, at 11:30 pm as usual, I was again standing on my porch.  For the past few nights, I’ve noticed a large number of deer in the front yard, but mostly close to the street and out of reach of most of the house lights and the moonlight.  Of course, before I stepped out I cracked open the storm door and sniffed for Big Yogi, but the air was clean and crisp.  Maybe the Big Yogi story has come to end I thought, so I was becoming more relaxed.

We’ve lived here for more than 20 years so we’re familiar with the seasonal changes and how the wildlife adapts to those changes.  In the case of Big Yogi, it was a case of foraging heavily before hibernation.  In the case of the white tail deer, it is preparation for the winter and the annual rutting season.  We really don’t think much about any of this because it’s become normal for us.

Over the years, we have seen three large white tail bucks in our neighborhood.  There is no hunting here so every time we see them they almost seem like family.  The last time they crossed our path while we were taking an evening walk about 2 years ago, they were a 10-pt, a 12-pt, and a 14-pt.  Considering the number of doe and fawn in the area, these bucks are increasing their herd nicely.

So, I’m standing on the porch relaxing and suddenly there is a large buck charging toward the porch.  When he stopped just out of the light, he gave a loud ‘breeding bellow.’  Clearly, I had interrupted the rut and he was not very happy.  It took less than a split second for me to have my hand on the doorknob and be halfway inside the house before I realized what was happening.  I had already been through the Big Yogi episode the week before so once again the adrenaline was pumping through my old veins.

That was when I started yelling at them, as though they could understand me (of course).  “This is MY PORCH, and I will stand here whenever I want!”  Then I chuckled to myself while the buck was chuckling to himself, and I went upstairs to tell my wife.

I have the most wonderful wife (in deference to everyone else of course).  When I went upstairs I paused by the bed and she woke up and said “What?”  “A buck just charged at me in the front yard,” I said still out of breath.  This is the part where my wife is so wonderful.  If she had said that to me I would probably have immediately said, “what did you buy from him?” or “did you mean a deer just charged you a buck?” or some such nonsense.  But, my wife didn’t go there and instead began the task of calming me down.  Thanks dear.

I was up for another hour or so before I decided I could go back to sleep, but now I’m extra cautious when I go out on the porch.  It somehow doesn’t seem fair, it IS my porch.  Well, built in THEIR habitat.  I’ve heard stories about the large number of coyotes in the area.  Outstanding!

© J T Weaver

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39 Responses to The Buck

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  4. rafaelpradov says:

    This story has made me remember when one of my brother was living for a couple of years in a small city of German called Marburg. He was doing his postdoctoral fellow and, like other scientifics, were living in a set of beautiful houses near the forest of Marburg. It’s more, the back of his house was open to the forest so in winter, when everything was snowed, he and his wife could see clearly how the deers approached curious to their garden. That, for a city person, was something really unique.
    Thanks for your blog. It results a beautiful experience. Perhaps to do it for my self someday 😉
    Have a nice day,
    PS. Thanks for the follow. I hope you’ll enjoy


  5. Enjoyed it. You are a great story teller.


  6. Glynis Jolly says:

    You’re having way too much fun. I used to live in a small town on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We had wildlife traipsing through our yard as well. During the hunting season (has it started already?) the standing joke was that while the hunters were out past the city limits trying to snag a deer or two, all of the deer were in town at the ‘deer bars’. Do you think that maybe wildlife is smarter than we are?


  7. Eek! We had deer here in the spring that came awfully close to the patio while we were on it and that was exciting enough. I’d still be shaking from your experience!


  8. Beal says:

    Great little story. Enjoyed it very much.


  9. Ana says:

    I absolutely enjoyed reading this! 🙂


  10. vicbriggs says:

    Lovely story. Nature always wins out in the end, but it’s very good fun taking it on sometimes 🙂


  11. knitwit56 says:

    You were right to disappear – a charging buck is not someone you want to argue with! Maybe you should invest in an air-horn to announce yourself before you go outside.


  12. Your wife is right on. I wish she’d been with me when I came face to face with an elk in my front yard!


  13. Living a little dangerously, eh?


  14. Benmo says:

    My husband came out of his “man-cave” asking what that noise was… apparently our cats got very upset in the other room when I played the breeding bellow when I followed the link you posted. (They’re both female cats.) Are you going to name the buck? Just doesn’t seem fair that there’s a Big Yogi but no Rudy or Bambi.


    • J T Weaver says:

      Well I did consider Bambi. After all, what buck is more famous than him. I was considering the big buck they use at The Hartford but I don’t think he has a name. If he comes back this week and comes after me, he gets a name (or I get a heart attack) or both. This big guy probably has 16-pts so he’s really nothing to mess with. Sorry about the cats, we don’t have any pets (except the hundred or so outside) so it didn’t occur to me.


  15. ksbeth says:

    so funny,great post )


  16. Noony says:

    My parents get deer in their yard all the time. My mom once rescued a fawn that was left by its mother, right in the middle of a field. Sometimes it’s great to sit on the porch and watch them, except when they’re eating her vegetables.


  17. I love you story and It is a good reminder that we do share Mother Earth with all the other creations who exist here. Hugs, Barbara


  18. raloki says:

    I have enjoyed reading about Big Yogi and the Buck. Makes me thankful I live in New Zealand, and don’t have those visitors to my backyard. But in saying that you are fortunate to see them in their natural habitat, and at close range, not everyone has that opportunity. Take care though that you keep safe.


  19. Your wife sounds hilarious. I’m beginning to think you should post video surveillance clips of your front porch for the rest of us to ogle. You could charge tickets. Please be careful.


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