51. Beginning To Grow Up

When Sarah was very young, I was blessed with the task of comforting her before bedtime. I would sing to her and gently dance with her until she fell asleep. It became a tradition and when Patrick was born I continued that tradition with him as well.  After only a few short years they were too heavy to carry and no longer needed their Dad to sing them to sleep.

I miss my babies terribly. Yet, I am so proud of the young adults they have become. I wouldn’t change a moment in the last 30 years, but I miss my babies. Now that we have grandchildren, I see them growing up so fast and I miss my babies even more.

My father and I had a sometime rocky relationship and clearly he never carried me to sing me to sleep. Now, that his 100th birthday has past, I just wish I could sit next to him and chat a bit. There are always issues for which he would have answers. But he can’t give me those answers anymore. Not in many years now. I miss him terribly.

My dear Sarah is carrying another baby, this time a boy. I’m sure, as much as I will love this new grand-baby boy, I will once again miss my own babies. If only I could dance with them one more time.

Do you miss your babies?

About J T Weaver

The author of "Uphill Both Ways," a thought provoking series of stories about life, family, and growing up.
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30 Responses to 51. Beginning To Grow Up

  1. This is beautiful, JT. Yes, Difficult to sit in tandem, or side-by-side, in the lazy girl recliner with Angel. No room inbe-teen us. I think I may go to a local hospital and volunteer holding babies.


  2. Oh my yes, I miss them. Was it your purpose to bring tears to my eyes? Not sad, just accordion.


  3. Mags Corner says:

    Yes, I do miss my babies and all my foster babies as well. There are very special times and feelings that take place with our babies that just cannot be duplicated any other time or place. The children are babies such a short time and there is just not enough time to do all those wonderful things with them that we miss so much. Another great post.


  4. C.J. Black says:

    Just seeing son and happy grand son off to school, time sure flies.


  5. I miss my babies and they’re only 7 and 2. Time flies.


  6. Oh how perfectly you captured that wistfulness. I felt it every year that it became harder to carry my boy. I lamented this with him just yesterday as we count down to his nearly 13 yr. birthday. So nice to feel commiseration, John.


    • J T Weaver says:

      Thanks Robyn. Sarah has come back on this one and talked about how she misses carrying her two [4 and 6 now]. She’ll get another chance this summer. Good to see you.


  7. ksbeth says:

    i miss my babies too, and feel renewed with my grand babies.


  8. galeweithers says:

    I totally related to this post. My son is 16 years old and I keep wondering where the time has gone. When he was little, we read to him every night; sometimes we read the same book 3 or 4 times. Even though it was hard to do this after a hard day at work, it was in the knowledge that these times with our children fly by way too quickly and are gone forever when they grow up, moving on to their own lives. My parents never read to us. Maybe it was because we read to ourselves. Would it have made us closer? Not really sure, but know without a doubt that I wouldn’t give up those wonderful treasured times with my son for anything. Thanks for this beautiful post 🙂


  9. francistheflybooks says:

    Tears of joyful memories. Wonderful post!


  10. davidprosser says:

    I still refer to my daughter as my baby and to my grandson as her baby. Though in her thirties, she’ll never be anything but my baby and I’ll always be here for her as I was way back when, just in a different capacity as my back wouldn’t take rocking her to sleep now.


  11. My husband used to rock our babies to sleep before. I’ll keep those memories in my heart forever.


  12. Pat says:

    I do, J T, miss my babies. Like yours, our daughters are grown and have babies of their own, though they’re growing, too. Those are the times you wish you could hold onto — the hush of the night, rocking them and cuddling them back to sleep, the smell of baby lotion. Memories can remain, though, in your stories. I hope they will in mind. 🙂


  13. randee says:

    I, too, had the sweetest babies and toddlers and small children. They were so easy and so much fun. The thing I miss the most is reading with my girls. I’m glad I didn’t miss a single opportunity to read with them as they went to bed each night. Dang it, now you have me all missing my babies!


  14. My babies were soooo sweet, so full of Love. Maybe I Loved them too much. They seem to feel they are entitled now. Spoiled. Lazy. I dunno. I miss when they were babies. But then again they are both Aquarian, and I read they are emotionally detached.


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