My father was well known as a teacher.  If you’ve read my blog stories, you’ve recognized his unique art of teaching through the use of stories.  But all teachers possess that gift to impart knowledge, and often inspiration, to their students.  If you are a teacher, or once were a teacher, or have imparted knowledge and inspiration, I salute you.

About J T Weaver

The author of "Uphill Both Ways," a thought provoking series of stories about life, family, and growing up.
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8 Responses to Teach

  1. ksbeth says:

    thank you for this, it was very touching. and i am also a teacher. )


  2. randee says:

    Thank you. I am a teacher. 🙂


  3. Thanks for sharing, JT. Very emotional. I wasn’t prepared to tear up. (Sensitive souls, you may need a Kleenex to watch this commercial!)


  4. davidprosser says:

    Inspirational. I envy anyone who can inspire another to work and become something more than they might do. Teachers like the one in the advert should be valued very highly.It’s not a job but a vocation.


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