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Retirement and Irrelevance

Teenagers think they know everything, yet they know almost nothing about life. They are barely educated and lack even the smallest morsels of life’s experience. They think their parents are old and out of touch. They truly believe they can … Continue reading

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Uphill Both Ways

Now that my relationship with Amazon has ended, I am very happy to once again make the entire compliment of Uphill Both Ways available on this blog.  I have organized the book on a new page Uphill Both Ways to … Continue reading

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30 is such a good age.  You’re close enough to your prime in your 20s, yet now growing into a nice maturity where you make fewer mistakes and enjoy life more.  You might be getting married or even starting a … Continue reading

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The Plant Speaketh

Today I sit in the quiet of the morning with the faint tap of rain on the roof and the click of my keyboard. It’s a perfect writing atmosphere. A little while ago, I heard a little whispered voice say, … Continue reading

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Happy Easter

 This is a wonderful Easter rendition of the Leonard Cohen song.  Happy Easter everyone.

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You Can Shine

Life isn’t how great you have become.  Life isn’t how rich you are.  Life is how many times you’ve been knocked down and still get up.  The greatness within you only shines to the world if you let it.  Don’t … Continue reading

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A Mother’s Courage

This is a wonderful example of a mother’s devotion, love, and courage.  I am always drawn to these examples that I may also show such traits in my life.          http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMilJO1PjNQ

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